Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surfacing Soon

Soon and very soon, I am going to put forth a new collection of songs called "Surfacing." As proof, here is a first take on a song called Lazarus.  The lyrics are included below.  I hope it is a fitting reflection on Lent including the passage from death to life and the promise of the Resurrection that we have through our baptism.  In scripture: John 11.


I left my body in an instant:
I floated above,
I felt great love,
In light I bathed,
Cleansed from the grave,
But unable to enter,
Into Heaven’s center,
I waded with many a soul,
Unable to reach their goal,
‘Til my name was spoken by a voice,
The weeping Lord’s choice:
“Come out!  Unbind him."

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