Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Been A While

It has been quite a while since I took time to place an update.  The last time I posted was just before the Boston Marathon.  I worked that day as an EMT on the Marathon route.  It was an amazing day for a marathon.  We all know the tragic events of the afternoon and the week and month that followed.  You'll notice below those pictures from earlier in the marathon the response from the students at Rivier, where I worked as campus minister.  It was an uplifting process to go from the chaos of the marathon to the steadfast, Boston Strong, response in those following days.  The prayers of the Riv community ended up at the make shift memorial on Boylston St. a week later.  

Now it is summer.  I have moved on from my work as a campus minister at Rivier and am currently a firefighter/EMT considering my next move.  I hope to make my contributions to this page for frequent and I also hope to finish some of the music that I have been teasing as I enjoy a little more down time.  As I try to get my chops back, here is video of a cover of a yet to be released Phil Wickham song, possibly titled I'll Always Be Alive.  I had to try out the YouTube capture app.

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