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My style embraces acoustic piano and guitar mostly and I think artists like Sean Forrest, Bebo Norman, Mark Schultz, Martin Doman, Brandon Heath and Shane and Shane are very similar in style.  Jars of Clay, David Crowder Band, Switchfoot, Matt Maher, John Michael Talbot, Tom Booth and Sara Hart have all been influences as well.  Please check out the links to preview and download music from iTunes.

"Clingy Language" is the first collection of strongly Christian music I have put together.  From Psalms to original prayers put to music, the Word of God always clings to our heart when we hear it.

"Surfacing" has surfaced!  This turned from a simple recording of songs never given that chance to a collection of mostly new music with a few simple recordings of tunes written several years ago.  Together they tell a christian's story of surfacing to Christ.

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